Dynamic analysis of price and exchange rate volatility and Nigeria agricultural trade.

  1.  Impact of commercial banks in funding agriculture in Nigeria.A case study of any commercial bank in Nigeria.
  2. A critical analysis of the role of micro finance banks in funding small and medium scale enterprise in Nigeria since inception.
  3.  The impact of micro finance banks on small and medium scale enterprise(SME) since inception till date.You can continue from here ………………………..5] The impact of commercial banks on SME from 2003 till date.

6] The role of commercial banks on SME development in Nigeria.
7] The role of CBN in development of SME.
8] The impact of CBN in reduction of unemployment rate in Nigeria since year 2000 till date.
9] Price,Exchange rate votality and Nigerians’ agricultural trade flows,a dynamic analysis.
10] The effect of real exchange rate in economic activities,the case study of Nigeria.
11] An empirical investigation of the real exchange rate impact in economic activities.Nigeria as a case study.
12] The evils of ATM to the Nigerian economy.
13] The role of commercial banks in agriculture development.
14] The development of social infrastructure and its effect on social welfare.A case study of electricity (1990-2005)
15] Foreign trade as an engine of growth in developing country,a case study of Nigeria.
16] International trade as a catalyst for economic development in Nigeria.
17] The impact of CBN in reduction of poverty level since year 2000-2009.
18] The impact of central bank in reduction of unemployment rate in Nigeria from 2000-2009.
19] The Nigerian stock market “a catalyst for financial and economic development”
20] The fiscal policy and its effect on social welfare from 2000-2008.
21] Inflationary trend in Nigeria and its effect on the stock exchange.
22] An empirical investigation into the cause of the crash of the NSE in the last quarter of 2008.
(23) The link between bond rates and inflation .
(24) Estimating export demand and supply functions.
(25) The relationship between inflation and economy growth.
(26) Current account equation.
(27) Exchange rate pass through mechanism [exchange ratio and inflation,especially import prices].
(28) The effect of carry trade on the stock market.
(29) Unemployment and growth.
(30) Industrial production as leading indicator of growth,[growth,industrial production,hours worked in manufacturing]
(31) Import demand function.
(32) GARCH models [ e.g exchange rate,stock market ]
(33) Cointegration test for bond rates.
(34) Lead – lag relationship between spot and future markets.
(35) Test of purchasing power parity using cointegration.
(36) Relationship between inflation and stock returns.
(37) The relationship between exchange rate and size,and composition of bank deposits.
(38) Forecasting exercises,[ growth,industrial production,inflation,exchange rate,interest rate].
(39) Housing market and economic system: real estate construction,sales,investment and price in[ a case study of Nigeria]
(40) Sustainable economic growth.
(41) Inflation and cost of living,[a case study of Nigeria].
(42) Banking,money and credit.